13th August 2009 FULL MOON

Looking up at the stars, I was transported into the endless black void, unknowing of its limits, the sound of the farmer harvesting his crop seems distant and unreal, I am lost in the cosmos. A meteor collides with the atmosphere on the edge of my peripheral vision; it feels like it strikes me, catapulting me back into my body, and its gravitational pull to the earth.

This experience demonstrated a perceptual moment in which my primitive relationship to the universe was ruptured, I was no longer the centre but part of a much greater schema. To map the stars is to fix them, and with that it fixes me but there is a space that is uncontrollable and irrational.

My work explores the tension between the primitive experience, the point at which my body’s natural instincts take over, and realization, a point at which I recognize my relationship to the world through knowledge and understanding. This is seen through the ideas and imagery that lie in the micro and the macro. These are dimensions of imagination and scientific fact, which we cannot fully access; we are surrounded by continuous movement both around us and inside us, movement we can only see when looking through the machine of the microscope, telescope or camera. We are both in these realms and excluded from them.

Through making the invisible visible, forming a relationship with the unseen, the images are abstracted from our reality, yet it is important that the origins of the material lie in an actual event, it cannot be dismissed as something other but exists on the fringes of vision. Before sight and recognition, eyes detected movement, and I access this primitive relationship with the body through the heightened, unrelenting movement of the images.

The imagery is abstracted from the simple scientific processes of dissolving, exploding, degrading, combusting. Like the alchemists who tried to open the key to human existence, I am using basic scientific principles to access the movements that occur in every aspect of life, an untamable, never ending force. The images are abstract, but are reminiscent of aspects of our world, suggesting something very large in the universe and something small in our body from the movement of our pupil to the explosion of the sun’s volatile surface.

There is a fine balance between the technology of video and the experience offered by the abstract imagery. By dissolving the frame, the installation enables the imagery to inhabit the space of the viewer forming an inescapable invisible thread linking viewer and object. The body becomes a vehicle for the viewers, not to become immersed within the image but for the image to be immersed within them. The balance between the pull of the sculpture on the body and its construction opens a space for both bodily engagement and contemplation. The images play on the senses, a meeting point through which scientific principles are turned into physical emotions, where the rational and irrational collide.