2013 – ccthenr

Contributor for an Instruction Manual exploring what it means to learn through aesthetics as well as through other alternative means, such as the body, and the potential to create publics which inheres in these methods. it focuses on how the instruction mediates knowledge, and how this mediation can be expanded through the incorporation of artistic processes. Led by Curators Cat Turner and Zoe Marden.


2012 – Phantom Fleet, Blackfriars Bridge, London, in association with Hoxton Art Gallery and London Borough Council

A site specific multi-video installation exploring the hidden waters of London and the subterranean River Fleet. Consisting of a 5 part video installation where mirrors are used to distort and play with the viewers perception to create ghostly images that reference the Victorian magic show of the phantasmagoria, to create a world of hidden water flow and movement.


2012 – Impulse

Project Collaborator for a live art installation exploring the connection between conscious presence and embodiment with artist Kate Genevieve and creative technologist Alex Peckham. Shown at Konnecting Gestures 2: Artaud Forum, Brunel University, London and ASSC16 conference at the Brighton Dome


2011 - Falling Through Myself

Guest artist for a collaborative research project exploring the connection between conscious presence and embodiment through visual technologies and staged illusion.

2010 – Laboratory Life

A two week residency exploring the relationship between art and science inviting the public to visit the laboratory to form a fully open dialogue. Working with  Artists Kira O’Rieley , Genevieve Maxwell and scientist Columba Quigley we explored cell cultures and the possibilities of making a working laboratory out of everyday objects. The results from this project were shown a Laboratory life, Lighthouse Gallery, Brighton and Microwave Festival Hong Hong.